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A fast and comfortable pre-routing by plane,,

Morondava and its legendary baobab trees,

The forest of Kirindy, refuge of the giant jumping rat "Vositse", a protected species, and the biggest carnivorous of Madagascar "Fosa"

Tsingy of Bemaraha, a wonder of nature emerged from the sea

A navigation of another age by dugout,

Majesty of the Tsiribihina river and the mystery of its gorges,

The discovery of the unreal world of Tsingy of bemaraha national park

Morondava, and the baobab trees’ country.

The slow metamorphosis of the landscape

Andasibe, the most attended Protected Areas of Madagasikara

Toamasina, an economic lung under the holidays' atmosphere

Mahambo, in a bosky bower,

Sainte Marie, a Garden-Island

Antsirabe, town of holiday

Ambositra, capital of marquetry

Ranomafana, at the "Countries of the Fogs"

Fianarantsoa and its Old City

A navigation of another age by dugout,

Majesty of the Tsiribihina river and the mystery of its gorges

Morondava, and the baobab trees' country.



Strong points:
  • The slow metamorphosis of the landscape
  • Andasibe, the most attended Protected Areas of Madagasikara
  • Toamasina, an economic lung under the holidays' atmosphere
  • Mahambo, in a bosky bower,
  • Sainte Marie, a Garden-Island

Mythical East coast that some call also Coast of the Purple wood, and other Coast of Spices. It is indeed all that, and it is enough to be delayed on the sea front of the Large Port to smell the cinnamon and the clove coming from their warehouses and spreading out of the air. It rains perhaps here a little often more than elsewhere, but it is a blessing rather than another thing, because the region must be the greenest of the island due to the rain! The number of tourists was in constant increase these last years, and Toamasina still has greater ambitions for the day when the regular rail link will start working again. But the trunk road No2 which we will borrow is quite as picturesque and makes it possible to live to each turn of wheel and directly a geographical change from the heights of Antananarivo to end on the Indian Ocean banks. The littoral in the North of Toamasina aligns the "corners of paradise", but we will continue until Soanierana Ivongo where the boarding for the last stage of this tour will take place. It is named: Sainte Marie...

Day 1: Antananarivo
Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel. Antananarivo is one of the most picturesque capitals of the world with its steep inclined streets, its stairways without end, its traditional houses with veranda. We will visit the Old City with the Queen's Palace right in rehabilitation, the freestone churches, the ancient royal places. We will also go to Ambohimanga, the most famous of 12 Sacred Hills and birth-place of the kingdom of grand king Andrianampoinimerina.

Day 2: Antananarivo - Andasibe
At the km No 60, the junction towards Mantasoa is once level with the Ambatolaona village, both historical and famous place of interest. But we continue on the trunk road up to the top of the Gorges of Mandraka. The old forest of the Highlands and tropical one of the East join here. The twist road literally plunges in a magnificent decoration. At the km No 115, Moramanga is as well a road crossroads as a historical city of the struggle for independence. Andasibe is at 30 km from there. We settle in the "Feon' Ala" Hotel in middle of the forest.

Day 3: Andasibe - Toamasina
Visit of well-laid-out National Park with its pedestrian path system, its Interpretation Center, its picnic areas. Big chameleons, birds, lemurs (of which the biggest is Indri, easy to locate by its impressive cries) characterize its fauna, while its vegetation is composed of all the elements of the wet tropical forest (epiphyt orchids, ferns, lichens, sacred lianas...). Continuation towards Toamasina at the beginning of afternoon.

Day 4: Toamasina - Mahambo
The trees of the traveler (Ravinala) are increasingly getting present, and the habitat uses the plants more and more. A very local colour passage through Antsapanana at the km No 216, a street-village with on both sides of the trunk road, dried bananas wrapped in their sheets and tropical fruits are displayed. At the beginning of evening, arrival in Toamasina, and night in a hotel choosen by the client.
In Toamasina, we pass without transition from the broad shaded avenues of palms and flamboyants to the traditional districts or the pockets of creole architecture. Free morning for the walks by rickshaw or trishaw, the visit of the bazaar, and a good meal under the sign of the seafood. After the lunch, departure for Mahambo.

Day 5: Mahambo - Soanierana Ivong - Sainte Marie
On the road of Mahambo, one moment of stopping is not impossible in Foulpointe, preferred seaside resort of Toamasina people with its lagoon with turquoises water! Mahambo is at 95 km in the North of Toamasina. It is a representative village of the Betsimisaraka country at the bottom of a bay bordered by a thick vegetation. Bathes, outing by dugout, stroll in forest, such is the program-type of an idyllic stay at Mahambo. Night at the Gite or the Récif hotel, or the Pirogue one and early in the morning departure for Soanierana Ivongo, home port of the high-speed motorboats for Sainte Marie.

Day 6: Sainte-Marie
whale madagascarIn fact Sainte Marie is an archipelago made up of a principal island all in length and of 7 small islands whose names point out a very particular nature and history: the Madam small island, the Forbans island, the Whales island, the small islands with Sands and the island with Plaits in its Southern point. The principal vegetation borders the white sand beachesthere, often bristling with scattered black rocks and protected by a coral reef there. In this sanctuary of nature, the insularity and the small width of the island moderate the climate (no point is there at 3 km from the sea!). It results a climate less rainy and softer than on the East coast, and very pleasant surprise for the tourists!

Price for 2 persons with high class hotel: 720 euros
Price for 2 persons with midrange hotel : 570 euros
From 3 persons: 360 euros per person

Including :

  • car
  • fuel
  • 3 nights of hotels(Andasibe-Toamasina-Mahambo)
  • driver
  • hôtels et repas du chauffeur
  • Tickets of the parks(Andasibe-Pererras)
  • meals and hotels for driver

In charge of tourists :

  • All meals and drinks
  • local guide
  • All things not mentioned here above


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