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A fast and comfortable pre-routing by plane,,

Morondava and its legendary baobab trees,

The forest of Kirindy, refuge of the giant jumping rat "Vositse", a protected species, and the biggest carnivorous of Madagascar "Fosa"

Tsingy of Bemaraha, a wonder of nature emerged from the sea

A navigation of another age by dugout,

Majesty of the Tsiribihina river and the mystery of its gorges,

The discovery of the unreal world of Tsingy of bemaraha national park

Morondava, and the baobab trees’ country.

The slow metamorphosis of the landscape

Andasibe, the most attended Protected Areas of Madagasikara

Toamasina, an economic lung under the holidays' atmosphere

Mahambo, in a bosky bower,

Sainte Marie, a Garden-Island

Antsirabe, town of holiday

Ambositra, capital of marquetry

Ranomafana, at the "Countries of the Fogs"

Fianarantsoa and its Old City

A navigation of another age by dugout,

Majesty of the Tsiribihina river and the mystery of its gorges

Morondava, and the baobab trees' country.



Strong points :
  • Antsirabe, town of holiday
  • Ambositra, capital of marquetry
  • Ranomafana, at the " Countries of the Fogs "
  • Fianarantsoa and its Old City
  • Ambalavao, high place of the craft industry
  • Isalo, its "Queen" and several strangenesses

Known as "South" and we will think of this single natural environment in the world which is the Bush. It is about a low, thorny and xerophilous vegetation adapted to a pluviometry lower than 500 mm per annum. Neiher a tree nor a plant which has a familiar aspect! The sea-lovers will think of a coast protected by the second larger coral barrier in the world on more than 300 km. Others will finally have in mind a strange funerary art from where any sadness is banished, to the image of Mahafaly tombs painted with sharp colors. But for coming there, the RN7 or Road of the South, the most attended of tourists, does not allow them time to be bored either. It unrolls its long ribbon from Antananarivo green ricefields to the Tropic of Capricorn, after having crossed three old provinces and having spread out malagasy diversity in its entire richness.

Day 1: From Antananarivo to Antsirabe
After a recovering day in Antananarivo decorated of a visit of the Old City and the Sacred Hill of Ambohimanga, departure for the town of Water. At the km No 68, Ambatolampy renowned for its fresh temperatures in winter and its craft industry. About midday arrival in Antsirabe. An elegant and quite ventilated city with its broad rectilinear avenues where the rickshaws and the bicycles reign. We schedule some strange visits such as a workshop of miniature cars made of cans, the Lake Tritriva guardian of a legend pointing out that of Romeo and Juliette. Night at the hotel chosen by the client.

Day 2: From Antsirabe to Ranomafana
At the limit of the two regions, Vakinankaratra and Amoron' i Mania, at the km No 233.6 we pass the new bridge of Fatihita baptized Bridge of the National Unit. The former one, dynamited during the tragic events of 2002, has been left in the state to be used for the posterity reflection. Having lunch in Ambositra at the km No 259, and discovering the wooden art of Zafimaniry retained by UNESCO the Cultural Inheritance of Humanity.

Day 3: Ranomafana
We will agree with the RN7 to the level of Ambohimahasoa a small freedom, to turn towards the National park of Ranomafana where we will arrive at the end of afternoon. The Park of Ranomafana is one of best equipped for discovering the rich biodiversity of the wet forests of the island eastern littoral. It is there that the variety of lemur hitherto unknown as gilded Hapalemur has been discovered in 1986. With its 118 species of birds of which many are endemics, Ranomafana is also a high place of the bird-watching. Refreshments and night at the hotel.

Day 4: From Ranomafana to Fianarantsoa
Park Visit during the morning, and departure for Fianarantsoa after lunch. In this capital of Betsileo, the Old City (Antananambony) should not be missed. Going back to the years 1830, it is the only place in Madagascar where some constructions of 19th century always form a coherent architectural unit. It belongs to the 100 sites indexed for 2008 by World Monuments Fund. Night at Tsara Guest House or chosen by the client.

Day 5: From Fianarantsoa to Ranohira (Isalo)
In the morning, departure for Ambalavao (km No 466), capital of the beautiful sometimes fringed with small pearls fabrics betsileo, and antemoro paper made of bark manufactured by craftsmen. A workshop as well as a cellar visit is scheduled, also Ambalavao as a high place of the malagasy wines. Certainly don't forget to take a picture of the pretty houses with floor timbers, very characteristic of this locality. We continue till Isalo.

Day 6: Isalo
After the lunch we take again the road. After crossing the plateau of Horombe in right transformation, arrival in Ranohira at the doors of Isalo. This monument of malagasy tourism deserves well that we devotes 2 days to him! Here, erosion carved the fantastic forms where imagination will recognize a lion, a boot, a crocodile, a queen become the emblem of the place... Sacred land, Isalo also shelters the old burials with cliffside. "House of Isalo" visit, pedestrian excursions according to a broad choice of circuits, bathe in the natural swimming pool, the 2 days will pass very quickly!

Day 7: Toliary
We continue the RN7 by leaving far behind a locality like Ilakaka which curiously remind the Wildwest: of simple anonymous hamlet, it became a mushroom town of more than 100.000 inhabitants by the fever of sapphire. Made drowsy between the rivers Onilahy and Fiherenana, Toliary is called "the White one" because of a relentless sun. Night at the Hotel at Alain or according to the choice of the client. We are at the terminus of the 950 km of the RN7, taken by the magic of this entrancing Deep South... The clients have the choice to go to the beach of Ifaty or Anakao for relaxation.

Price for 2 persons with midrange hotel: 940 euros
From 3 persons : 360 euros per person
Price for single person : 880 euros
Price for 2 persons with high class hotel: 1220 euros


  • car
  • fuel
  • 6 nights of hotels
  • driver
  • Tickets of the parks(Ranomafana-Anja Park-Isalo)
  • meals and hotels for driver

In charge of tourists :

  • All meals and drinks
  • local guide
  • All things not mentioned here above


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